Engineering solutions

Our staff is skilled with tools like computer aided design (CAD), static and dynamic CALCULATIONS, but not only… We try to co-operate with our customers in an early stage of the development, learn about conceptual questions and offer our help for finding solutions. In some cases STUDIES are required to give researches an overview of the existing systems or usable components. Our earth-science activities are mostly related to the atmosphere. For this reason we are mainly focused on the ADAPTATION of experimental equipment to airborne platforms like aircraft, helicopters, or balloons.

No matter if only a small sensor has to be exposed, an air-probing system has to be developed, or a newly designed measuring monitor of as much as 130 kg has to be lifted to the stratosphere under the wing of the Russian Stratospheric Research aircraft GEOPHYSICA, we join the development process across all stages inclusive the CERTIFICATION of this aircraft equipment with the national authorities.
Depending on the requirements we organize INSTRUMENT TESTS (e.g. mechanical shock, vibration, and EMI), design electrical wiring and interconnections, EMI protection and consult scientists for safety assessments.
Airborne equipment make great demands on the design: lightweight but rugged, compact but easy to handle, sophisticated but automatic, EMI protected but accessible, fail-safe, power effective and all this in a strongly disturbed environment.

To match this, our engineers and scientists use a wide range of materials for our INSTRUMENT DEVELOPMENTS, such as different metallic alloys, CFK and GFK, coatings and multi layered sandwich materials. For atmospheric chemical investigations other high-tech synthetic materials are required for probing systems and tubing, fluid dynamic regulation and analysis cells. Even electrical equipment requires high-tech materials and is designed according to airworthiness standards.