Airworthy Rack Chassis System

Scientific instruments like measurement units or computers are normally installed into 19" rack chassis that can be integrated into racks inside the aircraft cabin. Many 19" rack chassis are on the market but according to our investigations no standard 19” rack chassis are available that meet the requirements of airworthiness. We have therefore developed a 19” chassis that is dedicated for use within research and special mission aircraft. This chassis has the following features:

  • Low weight (about 1 kg per height unit)
  • High stability
  • Mounting provisions to accept tensile forces in all directions in space
  • Option for back-shifted front panel to allow mounting of extruding elements
  • Shakeproof joints
  • High damping of electromagnetic waves due to closed conducting housing
  • Good accessibility due to the option to open several segments
  • Option for mounting on side panels
  • Flexible dimensions in height, depth, and in width on request
  • Integration of base plates of high-tensile aluminum
  • Special aircraft grade materials or alloys possible on request
  • Individual hard-points possible on request
  • Exclusive use of aeronautical material
  • Conductive surface coating
  • Manufacturing according to EASA standards (EASA-Form 1 for non approved data)
  • Technical documentation with load envelope
  • Mechanical tests of load envelope performed

A vibrationless model is under development