Experiment „Spectral Radiances“ certified for HALO

Aboard of the first HALO flight with operational scientific instruments an experiment, certified in our co-operation with Design Organisation Gomolzig Flugzeug und Maschinenbau GmbH (GFM), has been operated. The experiment HALO_SR „Spektrale Radianzen“, a joint development of the Research Center Jülich and the Universities of Mainz and Leipzig, was qualified for operation aboard the G550 „HALO“,  according  to the certification scheme #2 described elsewhere (http://www.enviscope.de/engineering/certification-work-for-halo/).

enviscope/GFM accomplished the entire qualification program for airworthiness and integrated the instrument components into the HALO a/c.  The set of instruments comprised zenith and nadir optical inlets (mounted to aperture plates) as well as different spectrometers (integrated in 19“-racks).

The accompanying certification documents including „EASA Form1“ and the „Declaration of Technical Non-Objection“ enabled the DLR Design Organisation to embed HALO_SR easily into the „Techno Mission“ (http://www.halo.dlr.de/gallery/09_first_operational_flight/).

With the successful deployment of SR during the HALO-Techno Mission we were able to demonstrate the efficiency of our certification concept which supports scientists and DLR in their certification efforts for HALO! And we are happy that it is planned to continue this close collaboration between GFM, enviscope, and DLR in the future with engineering and certification work for a number of scientific instruments to be operated aboard HALO.