MOZNOy – Instrument housing for a NOy instrument within the MOZAIC program (Measurement of OZone and water vapour by AIrbus in-service airCraft)


07170013.jpgenviscope was involved in the development of a NOy instrument for the application on board an in-service aircraft. A permanent installed measuring equipment on board a passenger aircraft allows to sample enough data under several atmospheric situations for statistical investigations. Depending on the aircraft flight tracks regular measurements on a global scale are possible. To achieve this, the measurement instrument has to meet highest development standards. The instrument has to operate in a way that it meets all safety standards and design criteria for airborne instruments. Therefore the instrument has to pass a comprehensive testing program for certification. Even without this sophisticated standards the development was ambitious, because operational opportunities allow only very rare access during the operation periods. The instrument should work over long periods with nearly no maintenance!

07170014.jpgenviscope's part of the development was focused on the design of the instrument. During an interactive engineer process with the Deutsche Lufthansa AG, the aircraft operator, and the researchers of Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH we developed solutions for the mechanical set-up of the instrument. The mounting opportunities inside the avionic bay of the Airbus aircraft were as well regarded as the maintenance possibilities during short stop-over inspections and calibration periods at the laboratory.

After the development of a mock-up version we delivered four instrument frames. All of them were successfully operating during several hundred flight hours on four different aircraft during the European research program MOZAIC.