Our concept

Temporary deployment for environmental research

Research into the complex meteorological, microphysical and chemical processes in the free troposphere requires measurements taken above the planetary boundary layer. Remote sensing techniques providing vertical profiles have been developed for very few measurement tasks, so it is still necessary to use airborne measurement platforms for taking sample and for in-situ measurements.

In order to carry out scientific investigations as efficiently as possible, it is essential to develop concepts which enable the flexible use of airborne measurement platforms.

Measurements of microphysical properties of clouds
using a dual-purpose aircraft.

Our concept allows aircraft to be temporarily outfitted with a modular set of measuring equipment. This allows both a definite measurement programme to be carried out during weather situations suitable to the scientific investigation as well as the statistical registration of atmospheric processes, and at the same time keeps costs to a minimum. Temporary aircraft deployment for environmental research is made possible by sharing the aircraft with partners working in other fields. An important requirement for such an arrangement is, however, that no significant restrictions on use of the aircraft are imposed thereby on either user.

The use of a modular set of measurement equipment keeps the time required for installing and exchanging equipment to a minimum. This reduces the time between flights and enables greater flexibility in the choice of equipment. This has the added benefit of allowing the equipment to be chosen according to the specific meteorological conditions.

We have invested considerable time and effort in the search for suitable partners and in the development of a variable set of measurement equipment. Therefore we are proud of the fact that we have been able to successfully realize our concept with partners from the fields of photogrammetry, advertising and target drone operation, and can offer the services of four different types of aircraft. Our concept has already been tested and proved reliable during several experimental campaigns. As a result we are able to offer readily available airborne measurement platforms at reasonable prices.