Baltex Bridge Campaigns BBC I and BBC II – Research Flights with Partenavia P68-B, D-GERY and tethered balloon MAPS-Y

On the behalf of the Institute for Tropospheric Research (IfT) enviscope took part in the joint intense cloud measuring campaigns BBC I and BBC II (Baltex Bridge Campaign).

BBC I was held during August and September 2001 and BBC II took place in May 2003 in an area around Cabauw/Netherlands. The three paticipating aircraft were based at Airport Rotterdam. The campaigns were part of the frameworks CLIWA-NET and 4DCLOUDS and were jointly organized by the University of Bonn/Germany and the Koninklijk Nederlands Meteorologisch Instituut (KNMI) DeBilt/Netherlands. Main focus of the campaigns was to study the interaction between clouds and radiation, but there was also interests in turbulence at the atmospheric boundary layer and the small scale structure of rainfall. The instrumentation of the ground station at the Met-Mast in Cabauw comprised ground-based radiation sensors and remote sensing systems, turbulence measurements at various heights.

On the behalf of the Institute for Tropospheric Research/Leipzig (IfT) enviscope operated the Partenavia P68-B, D-GERY which was equipped with cloud droplet and aerosol spectrometer systems, as well as with the solar radiation spectrometer systems installed on our up- and downward facing horizontally stabilized platform (Albedometer). The Partenavia performed several joint measuring flights together with aircraft of the METEOFRANCE, UK MET OFFICE, and FU Berlin.

For turbulence measurements in the boundary layer the tethered balloon MAPS-Y was operated to carry the cloud turbulence measurement system ACTOS. This is a co-operation of the Institute for Tropospheric Research/Leipzig (IfT) with enviscope.

For more information on these experiments please contact Prof. Dr. Manfred Wendisch, University of Mainz.