Airborne Water Vapour Measurements

In co-operation with the Research Centre Jülich, Institute of Chemistry and Dynamics of the Geosphere – ICG-I: Stratosphere, enviscope staff took part in watervapour measurements of the lower stratosphere during INDOEX/APE-THESEO. Measurements were taken on board the high altidude aircraft M55 Geophysica by an Fast In-Situ Hygrometer (FISH) an sole development of the Research Centre Jülich.

A total of 7 successful measuring flights have been made during the period from February 19th till March 14th 1999. Homebase for the aircraft during campaign was the Mahe airfield on the Seychelles. Following constructions and activities have been conducted by enviscope:

  • Construction of an aircraftrack to operate the FISH aboard the M55 Geophysica,
  • Construction of an Mock-up-chase of the experiment,
  • Preparations to preform and pass an shock/vibrations-test as well as an EMV-test,
  • Integration in the aircraft during an long integration campaign based in Forli/Italy and preformance of several ground and airborne test,
  • Monitoring and taking charge of the experiment,
  • Calibration work,
  • Preanalysis of data, first glance on the database to evaluate the quality,
  • Preparations for transfer flights,
  • Shipping of laboratory and office equipment.

For detailed information contact Dr. Cornelius Schiller, Research Centre Jülich.