LACE – Lindenberg Aerosol-Characterization-Experiment 1998

Research Flights with Partenavia P68B D-GERY on behalf of IfT, Leipzig

In August 1998 a total of 12 research flights have been conducted with the Partenavia 68B D-GERY as part of the Lindenberg Aerosol- Characterization- Experiment 1998 (LACE 98). The flights have been performed on behalf of the Institute for Tropospheric Research (IfT) in Leipzig. The scientific payload of the „GERY“ ranged from:

  • Optical Particle Counters (PCASPX, PSAP, H&W Laserspectrometer (University of Hohenheim)),
  • Condensation Particle Counters (CPC and UCPC),
  • Radiation Sensors (global radiation, UV, JNO2 (upward and downward)),
  • Nephelometer,
  • Mini-Cascade-Impactors (University of Hohenheim) to
  • Aerosol-Slit-Impactors (University of Mainz).

All flights have been carried out very successfully.