Season’s greetings 2016



This year our Santa Claus was wondering as he read the „Latest News“ of the enviscope website…

In a raised voice he asked: „Really no activities in 2016???? Or just too much business to update the website?“

We looked down, intimidated, and answered stuttering with fear in the voice: „Yeeaaah, indeed, but, o.k, you are right, but, we had a lot of very interesting projects, as every year, and indeed, as every year, our highest priority was to support scientific projects and not to work on the  internet presence….

Santa Claus was not really happy with our excuse, and we had to promise improvement.

Finally, he accepted our pledge to set-up a new website before our 25th anniversary, and then he took the great chance to get a ride towed by the high altitude research aircraft „Geophysica“ on its way looking for a base for a research project….


Having a look on our x-mas card.., can you identify the topic of the research project we accomplished in the middle of this year??

Just start reading from the left to the right and try to find a German word which is very similiar in English.

Good luck!

If you fail, just click here.