engineering solutions

enviscope provides instrument design and adaption to aircraft according to airworthiness standards. This comprises CAD design, fluid dynamic calculations, EMI compatible electrical layout, testing and documentation.


In cooperation with our customers enviscope conducts a design study in order to adapt a desired instrument or to develope a new instrument for the choosen research airborne platform. Longterm experience of enviscope in the field of airborne instrumentation is applied to bring together scientific needs and aviation restrictions in the best possible way. CAD construction, modell simulations, material and component consultation, electrical design and wiring and the implementation of safety means in accordance with aviation requirements are our daily business.


Airborne instrumentation is manufactured according to the respective design documentation. All materials and components are selected in such a manner to meet aviation standards. Software development (LabViewTM) for data acquisition, control and automatization can also be provided by enviscope if desired.


To obtain aircraft certification several tests in accordance with the applicable certification specifications must be performed and recorded. enviscope identifies needed tests and provides provisions to conduct the respective testing in our own facilities or external laboratories. This comprises, inter alia, tests for strength, vibration or shock, pressure, EMI, and magnetics.