Airborne Platforms

During its lifetime enviscope has gained experience with a great variety of different platforms. enviscope can provide access to these platforms or can help to organize projects on these aircraft.

Partenavia P68

enviscope holds its own aircraft. This small aircraft can be uses for test campaigns or short-term operations.

Learjet 35A

This Learjet is hosted by GFD (Gesellschaft für Flugzieldarstellung). It is modified for scientific instrumentation.


The German Research Aircraft HALO (High Altitude and Long Range Research Aircraft) is a Gulfstream G550. enviscope has gained detailed experience with the development of scientific equipment for HALO.

Geophysica M55

The Russian reconnaissance research aircraft Geophysica can be used for atmospheric research in very high altitudes.

Airbus A330/A340

enviscope is the main partner for IAGOS project involved in engineering, certification, operation and maintenance.


enviscope has wide experience with experiments on the DLR aircraft FALCON, the predecessor of HALO.

Other aircraft

enviscope has experience with a great variety of other aircraft.


Helicopters provide the possibility for towed measurements.

Other platforms

enviscope has experiences with ground based platforms.