Our services


  • Co-operation in the development of a measurement strategy appropriate to the current research problem
  • Adaptation of scientific measurement systems for special platforms (aircraft, helicopter, balloon, ship, measurement vehicle, ground or mountain station)
  • Provision of measurement equipment
  • Development of specialized measurement instrumentation
  • Construction of measuring sites
  • Automatization of measurement systems
  • Outlining of data acquisition and controlling systems
  • Selection and compilation of the required hardware
  • Programming of clients applications under LabViewTM
  • Construction of trace gas calibration and preparation systems
  • Preparation of concept studies and simulations
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  • Maintenance of certified instruments to keep their airworthiness
  • Revision of certified instruments to include improvements
  • Repair of certified instruments according to legal aviation rules
  • Servicing
  • Spare part storage and logistics
  • Storage of certified instruments between campaigns
  • Logistics support
  • Transport insurance
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  • Documentation of research instruments necessary for aviation certification
  • Preparation of certification documents according to legal aviation requirements
  • Qualification testing of instruments according to qualification test plans at enviscope or external laboratories
  • Recertification of revised instruments to implement improvements
  • Service record of all maintenance and operation steps to keep airworthiness of instruments
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  • Preparation of field campaigns
  • Weather consultancy during the measurement campaign
  • Personal support during intensive measurement programs
  • Logistic support for field experiments and on-site
  • Support on the preparation of flight plans
  • Advice on questions of flight safety
  • Data analysis and processing
  • Quality control and inter calibration
  • Analysis of environmental immission samples
  • On-line data visualization and quick-look evaluation within a few hours after measurements
  • Preparation of reports and assessments
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